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Lawyers Investigating Service, Inc.

Maine's Professional Private Investigation Agency

Lawyers Investigating Service ,Inc., a Maine-based corporation, provides a wide range of services to attorneys, businesses and individual clients. All matters are kept confidential. Our investigators are highly skilled, licensed, bonded and insured. The State of Maine requires not only that we be licensed by the Maine Department of Public Safety, but also that our service be reviewed by the Maine State Police. Maine Private Investigators are the only licensed entity to be overseen by the Maine State Police. We would have it no other way. Maine-made, Maine licensed!

We are members of our State and several National Private Investigator Associations. Continuing education has always been the key to our success. Don't let others fool you! Made in Maine, insured in Maine. We provide our clients with the knowledge they need to make effective decisions.

Our clients benefit from our standards. We take pride in the prompt, detailed investigation of all assigned matters to our agency, and timely submit accurate, written reports. Our procedures are evaluated, updated and revised on a continuing basis in order to provide our clients with economical, efficient and confidential investigation services. We are one of Maine's oldest and most respected full service Investigating agencies. We know Maine law. Accept no substitutes! Let us show you the difference!

Thousands of cases have been worked over the years providing the necessary knowledge and experience to work successfully in a multitude of situations with various degrees of difficulty. State of the art resources are available to meet most investigative requirements. Personal service on each assignment is guaranteed, along with, a timely submitted comprehensive report and itemized invoice. Ethics
  • We will at all times place our client's well being and interest above our own.
  • We will never knowingly violate any right of any individual citizen, which may be guaranteed or provided by the United States Constitution, or the laws of the State of Maine and/or federal government.
  • We will never knowingly misrepresent our duties, professional credentials, or ourselves.
  • We will always seek to improve and expand our knowledge and expertise through education and training.
  • We will at all times promote the proper and fair administration of justice for all people.
  • We will always defend our profession against unjust criticism and help defend our colleagues against unjust actions.
  • We will never knowingly violate the law. Don't even ask! We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Per Maine Statute, Maine Professional Investigators are licensed individually. No companies are licensed. We support mandatory disclosure of PI license information in all advertising, communication and work-product.
Alan E. Goodman, ME LPI # 9500645

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